Totally Smiles Mobile Dentistry

Meet Our Team!

We have a team of professionally qualified Dentists, Oral Hygiene Therapists and Dental Assistants. Our service is focused on quality, flexibility and convenience. Our clinicians have deep experience in the dental industry and working with children, ensuring children keep smiling!

George Tyrokomos – Business Development Manager

As a father of 5 children all in school, George understands the needs for dental education from a young age.

With experience in the health industry and many years operating small business’ he believes people to be the core of any successful team.

George is an empathetic and energetic individual who has a passion for Performance and Enabling those around him.

Jenvicka Khoo – Business Development Manager

Jenvicka has a background within the healthcare industry and has been working in the health sector since she graduated from the University of Sydney in 2014. She has a strong passion for health promotion and customer experience to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care and customer satisfaction.

Outside of work you may find her at a climbing gym or out finding good places to eat.

Jenny Nguyen – Oral Health Therapist

Jenny graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Sydney, with a passion in oral health promotion and preventive dentistry.

During her time with Totally Smiles, Jenny has had the privilege of providing oral health education and treatment at different schools, child cares and community centres across New South Wales. Her aim is to empower patients with dental knowledge so they are able to gain and maintain good oral health.

When Jenny is not reminding her patients to brush twice a day and floss, you will find her hiking, boxing and eating good food.