Totally Smiles Mobile Dentistry

About us

Totally Smiles Mobile Dentistry provides services in two parts:
1. A preliminary oral health education is delivered to engage and teach students about the importance of oral hygiene

2. Our specially constructed dental vans will typically service a school onsite for 1 to 2 weeks. We will park on school premises, and service children who have given consent forms beforehand.

Our efforts are focused on children and their parents, so that they carry good oral hygiene practices throughout their life, leading to improved oral health within our community. We visit schools and go to each classroom to promote oral health education to children through activities and presentations. We teach children how to brush their teeth properly and how to floss. We also teach children how certain drinks and foods consumed affect their teeth.

All Totally Smiles mobile dental clinics are fully equipped dental clinics with x-rays, sterilisation units, high level infection control protocols and wheelchair access.

Our services are conducted with the children’s comfort and needs in mind. Our mobile clinics are fully equipped with the latest technology and IT capabilities, allowing us to perform the majority of common procedures available in fixed site dental practices. We also provide children education on best practices when it comes to oral hygiene care.